If you are like me – let’s say you have 4 spare weeks and itching to explore another part of the world. You have reasonable backpacker’s budget but like luxury & comfort. You love adventure, wild nature, beautiful beaches, best diving spots and good food. If you are interested in finding more about INDONESIA – follow me !
During 4 weeks I travelled from Jakarta to Tanjung Puting National Park to visit Borneo orangutans, next stop was the volcanic island of Bali after which we headed for a simple accommodation with cold showers but beautiful beaches and decent diving spots in funky Gili Islands.
In this website you will be able to find out more about places I visited in Indonesia, my recommendations for arranging your trips yourself, costs,  things to do/see, places to eat/stay. My holidays are rarely the ones that I stay in one place for more than 7 days, looking at the same view and eating the same food (unless I find an exceptional place to do so). My holidays are active and adventurous, flexible if needed so I do what I feel and want to do! South East Asia is the perfect place for it. Is safe (if you look after yourself), is cheap (if you want it to be cheap), is exotic and very friendly. Some people might be feed up with bargaining for almost everything. I don’t mind it because if I save on a taxi today, tomorrow I will have a ‘free’ cocktail.
Few years ago I said no more to booking holidays through travel agencies. They tend to drop you off in a hotel nicely looking at the pictures but in real with damp rooms next to a building site, 30 mins drive from best beaches, near to 2 average restaurants where they get commission from you eating there. Moreover most travel agents don’t consider their customer needs, they just send them to a place they have on offer suitable for your budget. Plus charge you unexpected costs for any extra trips or other entertainment when raining. Travelling on your own is more challenging but this is the fun part of it. You fly to your dream destination and you decide what you want to do.

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