Klotok boat

Klotok boat and its crew
We were generously spoiled as for the jungle circumstances. Our boat “Spirit” was very comfortable for 2 of us (4 people can fit there). 2 sits to the front of the boat were perfectly set up for watching HD Nature channel with the only difference that the program was played continuously for 3 days and if you missed something you cannot rewind it (like the king cobra we saw). 2 beds for very needed siestas. Dining table, always full with delicious food, drinks and snacks. Toilet was located to the back of the boat. Underneath the deck were the crew quarters. For 2 of us we had 4 staff members. those included: Toris (our guide), Agne (the captan), Peri (the skipper) and Norma (the cook). At one point Norma accidentally slipped and fell down to water full of crocodiles, moreover she couldn’t swim. She was lifted up back to the boat within seconds and had the biggest smile and the loudest laugh I have seen on that trip. I personally would be terrified and checked if my travel insurance covers such accidents!
One evening we parked for the night next to another boat with the air-cone build in. A nightmare – roaring engine at night in the middle of the national park. For our request they switched off the air-cone at 9 pm, otherwise it would probably go all night to providing cold air luxury for that Spanish tourists.

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