Around 30 mins smooth drive but on crazy roads took us to a small village called Kumai. There, we tried to buy few beers for the trip in a black market but no success. Later during the trip we were offered a warm bottle of beer for 50.000 Rp ($5). Kumai people are living mostly from tourism, fishing and farming bird nests – delicacy for the export to China. These birdhouses are the tallest landmarks in Kumai. 
Back to Kumai
Leaving surprisingly clear black waters of Sabangau River we headed towards Kumai River and back to Kumai. After checking the only 2 existing hotels in dusty and noisy Kumai (bucket shower with brown, possibly river water) we decided to stay in Pangkalan Bun. Tiana hotel for 160.000 Rp offered cold shower but air-coned room. In terms of restaurants – we saw 2 quite modern places serving western style food but we decided on a local food centre with fresh, local prawns and fish.  It was difficult to communicate there but luckily we got help from another local guide who was eating there. We made an excellent choice of food – sweet chilli prawns with fried fish and set of fresh herbs were cheap & delicious.

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