Wild Life

Tanjung Putting National Park – Wild Life (what else we saw there)
There are plenty of really cute, long-nosed Proboscis monkeys and playful Macaque monkeys to be seen. We also saw few fresh water crocodiles, a king cobra crossing the river just to the front of our boat, a snake on the tree (probably python but still to be indentified), few lizards, rare hornbill birds, colourful kingfisher birds, bats (flying fox or fruit bat), eagles, and many more interesting spiders (including tarantula hole), insects and flowers.
During the night trip to the jungle we weren’t lucky to see much except of sleeping birds and fireflies but the noise of the night jungle was amazing, sometimes so loud that I couldn’t hear my own steps. Morning and evenings provide even more amazing noises. The best one was the locally called five-fifteen cyclades going on twice a day exactly at 5:15 am and pm. Gibbons’ calls and young male orangutan’s calls are also common.

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